Do women spend more when shopping than men?

Just a few decades ago women around the world had little to no financial freedom; the purse strings in almost all households were almost exclusively controlled by men. How things have changed in but a short space of time! Most women nowadays are so much more empowered and independent, that they have overtaken men when it comes to the amount spent in shopping. Free to work and earn their own disposable income; and seeing shopping as a therapeutic experience, rather than a merely practical one like men do, women are at liberty to splurge on a whim. Read on to find out more.

Shopping: it ain’t what it used to be

As mentioned, woman’s situation has changed dramatically over the past few decades. More and more ladies are now joining the workforce, moving out of the family home, and earning their own livelihood. Wages and salaries in general have also increased during this time, and many women now have a lot of disposable income as well: rather than save it, a lot are choosing to spend any extra cash on luxury lifestyle products. And with the creation of a viable market for products intended exclusively for women – jewelry, fashion items, accessories – there are now a huge number of different choices and options available out there as well (plancha de ropa).

Men and women: they’re just different

Let’s face it, men and women are wired somewhat differently, and nowhere does this come out quite so clearly as in the way that they shop. Men’s shopping is driven by practical need: they don’t enjoy browsing and window shopping, only purchase when required, and generally are happy to settle for whatever is available without exploring other options. Women on the other hand, spend a lot more time browsing shop windows and shopping sites; they are always on the lookout for a better deal. In addition, women shop not only for practical purposes, but as therapy and to lift their mood. Indeed for a sizeable number of women, shopping can become like an addictive drug; driven by the desire for the next quick fix, they keep coming back for more. Women are more mood driven by men; and shopping allows them to satisfy whatever momentary whim has taken hold of them.

Women also pay far more attention to their appearance than men; indeed, for the most part a woman’s looks are still her currency in our society. Women have been conditioned from a young age to rely psychologically on compliments and validation from others – men and women alike – and this explains why they go to such lengths with their ‘dress’. From these simple realities it follows that women will expend a lot more effort than men hunting for just the combination of clothes and accessories that will maximize her attractiveness (plancha de viaje).


It is clear that women nowadays spend a lot more when shopping when men, but this is simply due to the different perspectives and motivations of the two sexes. While women’s shopping habits may to a certain extent be driven by some of the sexism that remains engrained in current day society, for the most part shopping is an empowering and therapeutic experience for women, one that allows them to fulfil their essential female nature.