Desktop vs laptop

Nowadays desktops are losing their dominance. If few years ago they were considered as faster and in many ways better than laptops than nowadays laptops are as capable as desktops, only smaller and more convenient. Despite of that, some people still prefer desktops. To understand which type of commuter is better, we evaluated them by different criteria.

A first criterion is the price. The prices of laptops are reducing over last few years, because of development of technologies. It is even possible to get a laptop that coasts less than 200 EUR, but average prices of good laptops are higher. Desktops also are becoming a bit cheaper. So if we compare desktop and laptop with the same parameters, desktops are still cheaper, however, you will need to buy monitor and keyboard as well. If we compare full configuration of both types of computers, the price difference is insignificant.

If we evaluate portability, of course laptops are lot superior. There is no question about that, but also desktops nowadays have become a little bit more comfortable for portability. They are smaller and lighter than they used to be several years ago. Of course it is still not possible to use desktop from any place, like it is possible with laptop.

Also the variation of components is very important and from this aspect desktop is a lot better choice. It is possible to recruit desktop with all the components you need. For example if RAM is very important for you, but video card is not, you can get the desktop with the biggest RAM, but average video card. Laptops are already recruited and all the components usually are about same level. If you have some special demands, than it is lot wiser to choose all the components separately.

The possibility of upgrading is another aspect where desktop is superior. Almost any detail of desktop can be easily removed. If within the time of usage occurs a need for some upgrades, it is always possible for desktop. Also if something breaks, you can easily change it to new one. With laptop it is lot more complicated. Then you must dismantle the whole device and also the details for desktops are more expensive. If the computer is meant for longer time then only few years, then desktop could turn out to be a lot better choice.

The physical maintenance of the computer is also easier in case you are using desktop instead of laptop. You can easily open the cover of the desktop and clean it from dusts. Laptop again must be dismantled and so most of the users can’t do it by themselves.

So there are some aspects where desktops are still superior. There is no common answer to the question – which one is better. They both have some pros and cons. The choice must be made based on each user’s priorities, needs and wishes.