Computer Security Policy

When working with the computer, it is very important to comply with the computer security. Every computer user should know how to keep it safe. Although every computer system provides the basic safety aspects, computer user needs to know how to use it correctly and avoid loss or theft of any files.

Basically there are two types of computer security. One is brake-in security and the other one is data security. Brake in security means usage of security software and all the passwords to the files and systems so unauthorized persons couldn’t access them. Data security however means to have a good backup system, so the data wouldn’t get lost.

If we are talking about break in security than the best way how to avoid any attacks is to use security software that updates automatically. Every day hackers come up with new ways how to attack to the computers, so the security system always has to be updated to the latest version. Every security software can be set to do it, but make sure yours have the correct settings. Also it is recommended to set the internet browser to automatically updating.

The security software also should be bought from a well-known company. Don’t buy or get free security software from pop-up messages or untrustworthy e-mails. In best case these software just won’t work, but in the worst case they will work the opposite way – will let to hack your computer.

Also it is very important to protect all the files and systems with passwords. Passwords have to be strong so anyone couldn’t just guess them. For average user password with 10 characters is appropriate beside any password should contain random letters and numbers not some meaningful words or dates. Each account should have different password, so in case someone gets it, he wouldn’t be able to access all files. Never give your passwords to anyone, even if you trust them. Also be cautious when you type your passwords so anyone can’t see them.

If we are talking about data security, then it is all about users preventive actions. Every user needs to make sure they can restore the files if something happens to the hard disk or other file storage. That can be done in several ways. One is to back up files in other media for example zip disk or CD-ROM. If hard disk crashes, it is possible to repair the disk and after that restore the information from the backup media onto the new disk. However this is not the easiest way.

Nowadays it is possible to save huge amount of files into removable disks – USB flash drives, SD cards etc. All the files needed can be stored into these removable devices and incase of any computer crash all the files will be safe. Just make sure, anyone else can’t get these devices, especially if the files are important. Another good way is to storage files into online clouds.