How to buy the best laptop?

There are so many options, when it comes to buying a laptop and it can be quite challenging to buy the most appropriate one, if you have no clue what specification is the most important for each user. So here is a little help for those who are looking for a new laptop.

First thing you have to do is to determinate your needs. Laptop can be used for many purposes and it cardinally affects the right choice. For example, computer can be used for office or school work, media production, gaming, internet etc., so when you are buying a laptop, keep in mind your basic needs.

After you have realized what you need, you have to start evaluate computers. First and the most important thing to choose is the right platform for example, Mac, Windows, Chrome OS etc. If you are not familiar with all these platforms, that’s going to be a hard task, but we will give you a short summary of three most popular platforms. Windows is the most popular platform and it works to lot more computers than any other platform. The latest version is Windows 10 which has many improvements comparing to previous ones. Windows 10 is easy to use and it has all the functions needed. Mac is similar to Windows, only with different design and some varied functions. Although all MacBooks come with operating system inside, it costs more than computer with Windows. Chrome OS looks almost like windows, only the main app is Chrome browser. The biggest issue with Chrome OS is that there are not many offline apps that work well. Good thing is that Chromebooks work very well if you use them for web and they are inexpensive.

Then, of course you need to check main computer components. First one is hard disk. That is the place where all the files will be stored. For average user 500 GB would be enough, but if you are planning to keep a lot of videos, pictures, programs, music, documents etc., on your computer, you will need bigger hard disk.

RAM or memory is storage, but it is needed for programs use to keep temporary information. If you have small RAM, programs can work improperly. For average user 4GB is enough, but if you are buying computer for games or media production, you will need a bigger one.

CPU or the processor is responsible for overall operation. The most popular processors are Intel and ADM. Intel is more expensive, but in almost every case it works a lot better. For average usage 2, 3 GHz Intel processor is enough.

Video card is not so important aspect if you are using your computer for work or web, but if you are gamer, then you need to buy the best possible video card. For other computer users almost any video card will be fine.

For desktops, also display quality is very important, because you can’t just buy a new monitor if the old one is not good enough. The more pixels you have, the sharper the image will be. The most popular display quality is 1366 x 768, but if you are planning to edit some pictures or make videos, better quality could be helpful.

Next thing that has to be taken into a consideration is the size. That is very important aspect, if you have to carry it with you a lot. Most popular size is 15 inches. It’s appropriate size for carrying around, but probably you will need to buy a laptop case for that. If you buy smaller laptop, you can carry it around lot more easily. Bigger laptops are not so comfortable and they are more suitable for static usage.

The last important thing is the durance of the battery. If you are using your computer without charger a lot, it should have at least 6 hour durance, although longer durance is always better. The best way how to know, if the battery is good enough, is to read reviews, because descriptions can lie.