Do women spend more when shopping than men?

Just a few decades ago women around the world had little to no financial freedom; the purse strings in almost all households were almost exclusively controlled by men. How things have changed in but a short space of time! Most women nowadays are so much more empowered and independent, that they have overtaken men when it comes to the amount spent in shopping. Free to work and earn their own disposable income; and seeing shopping as a therapeutic experience, rather than a merely practical one like men do, women are at liberty to splurge on a whim. Read on to find out more.

Shopping: it ain’t what it used to be

As mentioned, woman’s situation has changed dramatically over the past few decades. More and more ladies are now joining the workforce, moving out of the family home, and earning their own livelihood. Wages and salaries in general have also increased during this time, and many women now have a lot of disposable income as well: rather than save it, a lot are choosing to spend any extra cash on luxury lifestyle products. And with the creation of a viable market for products intended exclusively for women – jewelry, fashion items, accessories – there are now a huge number of different choices and options available out there as well (plancha de ropa).

Men and women: they’re just different

Let’s face it, men and women are wired somewhat differently, and nowhere does this come out quite so clearly as in the way that they shop. Men’s shopping is driven by practical need: they don’t enjoy browsing and window shopping, only purchase when required, and generally are happy to settle for whatever is available without exploring other options. Women on the other hand, spend a lot more time browsing shop windows and shopping sites; they are always on the lookout for a better deal. In addition, women shop not only for practical purposes, but as therapy and to lift their mood. Indeed for a sizeable number of women, shopping can become like an addictive drug; driven by the desire for the next quick fix, they keep coming back for more. Women are more mood driven by men; and shopping allows them to satisfy whatever momentary whim has taken hold of them.

Women also pay far more attention to their appearance than men; indeed, for the most part a woman’s looks are still her currency in our society. Women have been conditioned from a young age to rely psychologically on compliments and validation from others – men and women alike – and this explains why they go to such lengths with their ‘dress’. From these simple realities it follows that women will expend a lot more effort than men hunting for just the combination of clothes and accessories that will maximize her attractiveness (plancha de viaje).


It is clear that women nowadays spend a lot more when shopping when men, but this is simply due to the different perspectives and motivations of the two sexes. While women’s shopping habits may to a certain extent be driven by some of the sexism that remains engrained in current day society, for the most part shopping is an empowering and therapeutic experience for women, one that allows them to fulfil their essential female nature.

How to maintain your computer?

Correct maintenance of a computer can provide a lot higher speed and longer lasting. However it is quite self explanatory to take care of your stuff, not many computer owners know how to do that. If you want your computer to run smoothly, follow these simple steps.

First and most important action is cleaning the computer. No matter if you are using laptop or desktop, you must clean it properly and regularly. Clean the dust form outside at least one a month and inside at least one a year. If you know how to dismantle your computer and how to put it back together, you can do it by yourself, but if not, better entrust it to professionals. If you are cleaning computer by yourself, use only appropriate cleaning products. Make sure there is not dust collecting in your computer and encumbering the work of your computer.

Also don’t forget to clean the system. If you are using Windows system, there must be Disk Cleanup utility included. If not, you can download free program for example CCleaner. If you have any of cleaning programs, the further work is very simple. You just need to scan the computer delete files if that’s needed.

Also you must use antivirus programs. The best programs are quite expensive, but they can really help your computer to work better and last longer. However, if you don’t want to spend any money for that, at least download free antivirus program or demo version of paid program. Also usage of antivirus programs is very simple; you just need to follow the instructions.

Also it would be useful to defragment your hard drive at least one a month. That can help to keep your computer run properly. If you are using Windows, you should already have a utility to do that, but if not, you can also use a tool called Magical Defrag. It automatically defragments your system during periods of inactivity.

Also keep your computer clean of programs and file you don’t use anymore. Just uninstall all the unnecessary programs and delete pictures, videos, music and other files you don’t need any more. They just occupy the place in your computer and make it run slower.

Always keep your computer up to date. Although updates can be quite annoying, they can help your computer running at its full potential. Update both, your operation system and programs. If you don’t have time for that daily, at least do it one a weak.

If you really care about your computer, you should also keep it surge free by buying surge protector. It will protect key electrical bits inside your computer from voltage spikes. It is small investment, but your computer will have lot less chance to get damaged.

And the last advice is to simply use the computer correctly. For example, if you have laptop keep it cool by putting it on a hard surface or using fan to cool it down. Also turn the computer off properly and just be careful and avoid from any physical damages.

Why is it important to backup your computer system and how to do it?

Unfortunately any technology can fail us any second and that can cause a lot of problems. When the computer’s hard drive fails, you can lose lot of important files. No matter if they are some precious family photos or important work documents you need to make sure, you will be able to restore them. That is why you need to backup your system as soon as possible or else you will need to take on dept in the form of “бързи кредити онлайн” to recover your data!

Many computer users don’t pay too much attention on making system backups. They are pretty sure, their hard drive will never fail, but actually every hard drive fails one day. Lot of computer users have experienced this unpleasant moment. You cannot expect when exactly that will happen, so you always have to be prepared. Also there is a chance that you might lose your data because of other reasons, for example accidentally erasing them, so even if you trust your computer, you need to secure your data.

There are many reasons why people are not securing their data, but the most common one is just desire to postpone it. Actually many people are aware of importance of backup the system. Almost everyone has at least heard that there is such option, but they are still not doing it. Some users also have never heard of it and don’t know how to do it. If so, here is a short instruction how to do it.

The easiest way is to backup to the internet. There are such programs available as or Backblaze, with which you can do it. It is very easy to set them; you just need to follow simple instructions. This way is better, because it can ensure that your data will be safe even if your computer gets lost somehow and you will not need to take бързи кредити без доказване на доход.

The other way is back up to an external drive. This can be done with different programs for each operation system. For example for Windows 8 you have to use File History and for OS X – Time Machine. Also these programs are easy to use. There are also some universal programs such as Crashplan, which was mentioned before. This way is not as reliable as previous one. Your data will be safe in case of system crush, but they will be still gone forever if you lose the computer or if it gets stole. In addition to this method you should still save some most important files online or at least in removable disk.

So now you know why you need to do it and also what programs to use to do it. Now it’s all up to you, but keep in mind that simple, half an hour work can protect all your files. Better do it as soon as possible. If you have already done it, also tell others about this option and importance of it. Be smart and protect what’s important for you.

How to improve your computers’ performance

Many computer users think that slow performance of the computer means that it has already served its time and they just need to get a new one. Actually, slow performance is a result of long usage without taking care of your computer and. There are some easy ways how to improve the performance of your computer noticeably. If you follow these instructions, your slow computer will work as new one.

First thing you need to do is scan your computer, using antivirus program. If you don’t have an antivirus program, download it. Better invest some money in good antivirus software to make sure your computer will be totally free of all the malware and other threats. If you use internet daily, but don’t scan your computer, it is definitely full with all kind of viruses and other malware. These files make your computer run a lot slower, so you must get rid of them as soon as possible. To scan your computer just open your antivirus program and follow the instructions.

Make sure you have enough free space in hard drive. Deleting all the unnecessary files can give meaningful effect. You don’t have to delete all of them manually. Just use the appropriate program. If you’re using Windows than use Disk Cleanup (Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup), but if you use Mac delete Temporay Files (Applications, Utilities, Command Prompt, than type in “sudo rm -fr /tmp/*” and hit Enter).

Also unnecessary programs make your computer run slow, because the maintenance of them just occupies the space. You must uninstall all the programs you don’t use anymore. If you are using Windows you must go to control panel and then choose Add/remove programs. There will be a full list of all the programs installed in your computer. Find the ones you are not using and uninstall them. If you use Mac, just throw all the program files in Recycle Bin and empty it.

Then also you should defragment your hard drive once in a while. Defragmentation means organizing all the files. If the files get fragmented, computer need more time to provide their usage. If you use Windows go to My Computer, Properties, Tools tab, Defragment. You can also set automatical defragmentation. Mac users don’t need to worry about this action.

If you have done all the actions mentioned above, but your computer is still running slowly, there might be some serious problems for example some mechanical damages or serious viruses that antivirus program can’t beat. Then you really might need to bring your computer to service or buy a new one, but otherwise this really should help to improve the performance of your computer.

How to avoid computer viruses and other malware

One of the biggest threats to computers is viruses and other malware. They can be very dangerous and some of them lead to data loss and identity theft. Unfortunately it is possible to catch malware from some very simple daily actions. The good news is that there are some very effective ways how to prevent them.

One of the most effective methods is safe browsing. That might sound very simple and reasonable, but many internet users don’t know how to avoid all the malware completely. Experienced internet users know that it there is possibility to get some serious viruses by clicking on adds or pop-ups, but not every threat is so obvious. Better don’t click to any ads at all and avoid from unknown, suspicious websites. Luckily most of the internet browsers protect you from possibility to get infected, but make sure your browser is configured to always ask the users permeation before running files and downloading something automatically.

You can also block all these ads and pop-ups, because it is also possible to click on them by an accident. For example, usually there is a close button to the pop-up ad, but by licking it, you actually open the ad. Better use the Ad Block or other extensions to reduce the amount of these misleading pop-ups. They can be very dangerous so better configure your internet browser to block them.

Make sure you are using safe internet browser that is always up to date. If you are using older browser, be prepared that it won’t be so advanced and you might catch some viruses. There are no program extensions that protect your computer. Such browsers as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari are considered as safe, so better choose one of them.

Be very careful with downloads. Better download only programs and files that are really necessary and use only reliable, official websites for that. Also read the download agreements. Downloading unknown programs and files is the easiest way how to catch some very dangerous viruses.

Never open suspicious e-mails or messages in social media. Also that is very popular and easy way how to catch some viruses. Never download attachments if you are not sure about their content. If there are some e-mails that don’t look safe, just delete them as soon as you see them.

And the last and most important advice would be to buy reliable and good antivirus program. If your computer and all the files in it are important for you than better don’t try to save money on this. Buy a real program, instead of using free demo versions that are not protecting your computer fully. That will protect your computer even if you will skip all the previous conditions.

Desktop vs laptop

Nowadays desktops are losing their dominance. If few years ago they were considered as faster and in many ways better than laptops than nowadays laptops are as capable as desktops, only smaller and more convenient. Despite of that, some people still prefer desktops. To understand which type of commuter is better, we evaluated them by different criteria.

A first criterion is the price. The prices of laptops are reducing over last few years, because of development of technologies. It is even possible to get a laptop that coasts less than 200 EUR, but average prices of good laptops are higher. Desktops also are becoming a bit cheaper. So if we compare desktop and laptop with the same parameters, desktops are still cheaper, however, you will need to buy monitor and keyboard as well. If we compare full configuration of both types of computers, the price difference is insignificant.

If we evaluate portability, of course laptops are lot superior. There is no question about that, but also desktops nowadays have become a little bit more comfortable for portability. They are smaller and lighter than they used to be several years ago. Of course it is still not possible to use desktop from any place, like it is possible with laptop.

Also the variation of components is very important and from this aspect desktop is a lot better choice. It is possible to recruit desktop with all the components you need. For example if RAM is very important for you, but video card is not, you can get the desktop with the biggest RAM, but average video card. Laptops are already recruited and all the components usually are about same level. If you have some special demands, than it is lot wiser to choose all the components separately.

The possibility of upgrading is another aspect where desktop is superior. Almost any detail of desktop can be easily removed. If within the time of usage occurs a need for some upgrades, it is always possible for desktop. Also if something breaks, you can easily change it to new one. With laptop it is lot more complicated. Then you must dismantle the whole device and also the details for desktops are more expensive. If the computer is meant for longer time then only few years, then desktop could turn out to be a lot better choice.

The physical maintenance of the computer is also easier in case you are using desktop instead of laptop. You can easily open the cover of the desktop and clean it from dusts. Laptop again must be dismantled and so most of the users can’t do it by themselves.

So there are some aspects where desktops are still superior. There is no common answer to the question – which one is better. They both have some pros and cons. The choice must be made based on each user’s priorities, needs and wishes.

How to buy the best laptop?

There are so many options, when it comes to buying a laptop and it can be quite challenging to buy the most appropriate one, if you have no clue what specification is the most important for each user. So here is a little help for those who are looking for a new laptop.

First thing you have to do is to determinate your needs. Laptop can be used for many purposes and it cardinally affects the right choice. For example, computer can be used for office or school work, media production, gaming, internet etc., so when you are buying a laptop, keep in mind your basic needs.

After you have realized what you need, you have to start evaluate computers. First and the most important thing to choose is the right platform for example, Mac, Windows, Chrome OS etc. If you are not familiar with all these platforms, that’s going to be a hard task, but we will give you a short summary of three most popular platforms. Windows is the most popular platform and it works to lot more computers than any other platform. The latest version is Windows 10 which has many improvements comparing to previous ones. Windows 10 is easy to use and it has all the functions needed. Mac is similar to Windows, only with different design and some varied functions. Although all MacBooks come with operating system inside, it costs more than computer with Windows. Chrome OS looks almost like windows, only the main app is Chrome browser. The biggest issue with Chrome OS is that there are not many offline apps that work well. Good thing is that Chromebooks work very well if you use them for web and they are inexpensive.

Then, of course you need to check main computer components. First one is hard disk. That is the place where all the files will be stored. For average user 500 GB would be enough, but if you are planning to keep a lot of videos, pictures, programs, music, documents etc., on your computer, you will need bigger hard disk.

RAM or memory is storage, but it is needed for programs use to keep temporary information. If you have small RAM, programs can work improperly. For average user 4GB is enough, but if you are buying computer for games or media production, you will need a bigger one.

CPU or the processor is responsible for overall operation. The most popular processors are Intel and ADM. Intel is more expensive, but in almost every case it works a lot better. For average usage 2, 3 GHz Intel processor is enough.

Video card is not so important aspect if you are using your computer for work or web, but if you are gamer, then you need to buy the best possible video card. For other computer users almost any video card will be fine.

For desktops, also display quality is very important, because you can’t just buy a new monitor if the old one is not good enough. The more pixels you have, the sharper the image will be. The most popular display quality is 1366 x 768, but if you are planning to edit some pictures or make videos, better quality could be helpful.

Next thing that has to be taken into a consideration is the size. That is very important aspect, if you have to carry it with you a lot. Most popular size is 15 inches. It’s appropriate size for carrying around, but probably you will need to buy a laptop case for that. If you buy smaller laptop, you can carry it around lot more easily. Bigger laptops are not so comfortable and they are more suitable for static usage.

The last important thing is the durance of the battery. If you are using your computer without charger a lot, it should have at least 6 hour durance, although longer durance is always better. The best way how to know, if the battery is good enough, is to read reviews, because descriptions can lie.

How does a computer work?

Lot of computer users doesn’t know anything about the processes addressed into the computer. They push buttons and see the results of that but have no idea how it is possible. On one hand average computer user doesn’t have to know everything about computers system and operations, because it is complicated and it is possible to learn to use the computer without all of that, but on the other hand this knowledge can help to deal with problems almost every user has to face with sooner or later. Here are some basics of computers work.

When you press the start button on your computer, there is a signal sent to the computers power supply, which provides the conversion of the current. In simpler terms, it provides the computer with the electricity in needed amounts. If there are no problems with the electricity supply, the computer sends signals to the motherboard and processor. At the same time the processor clears unnecessary data in the memory registers and gives program counter to the processor. Program counter is a hexadecimal number which is the location of the first instruction. It gives a signal to the processor that it is able to process the instructions of the basic input/output system.

The operation of the basic input/output starts with, to make sure that every component of the computer is working properly. If something is wrong, you will probably hear a beep or other signal that will let you know computer is not in working order and the computer will not turn on properly. If everything is right power on self test will go through some systems and the operating system will starting to load.

So after the power on self test, computer will start the boot process. That means the loading of operating system and associated files. These processes are different for many operating systems, but the basic principles are about the same – the operating system loader is found on the boot sector and it gives a signal to the computer to start the loading of registry. After that the loading of many programs starts that make up the operating system into the memory. When the registry and all the programs are loaded, operating system can be started.

If operating system is loaded properly it must communicate with processor. That is possible because of interrupt request. This request has been sent every time hardware needs to provide the communication with the computer. After request has been sent, processor stops current works and processes the request. All the previous actions of processor are stored in the memory.

Then it is possible to work with the computer. Each operation (pressed button) is another request that computer complies. Computer must carry out multitudinous operations every second.

Computer Security Policy

When working with the computer, it is very important to comply with the computer security. Every computer user should know how to keep it safe. Although every computer system provides the basic safety aspects, computer user needs to know how to use it correctly and avoid loss or theft of any files.

Basically there are two types of computer security. One is brake-in security and the other one is data security. Brake in security means usage of security software and all the passwords to the files and systems so unauthorized persons couldn’t access them. Data security however means to have a good backup system, so the data wouldn’t get lost.

If we are talking about break in security than the best way how to avoid any attacks is to use security software that updates automatically. Every day hackers come up with new ways how to attack to the computers, so the security system always has to be updated to the latest version. Every security software can be set to do it, but make sure yours have the correct settings. Also it is recommended to set the internet browser to automatically updating.

The security software also should be bought from a well-known company. Don’t buy or get free security software from pop-up messages or untrustworthy e-mails. In best case these software just won’t work, but in the worst case they will work the opposite way – will let to hack your computer.

Also it is very important to protect all the files and systems with passwords. Passwords have to be strong so anyone couldn’t just guess them. For average user password with 10 characters is appropriate beside any password should contain random letters and numbers not some meaningful words or dates. Each account should have different password, so in case someone gets it, he wouldn’t be able to access all files. Never give your passwords to anyone, even if you trust them. Also be cautious when you type your passwords so anyone can’t see them.

If we are talking about data security, then it is all about users preventive actions. Every user needs to make sure they can restore the files if something happens to the hard disk or other file storage. That can be done in several ways. One is to back up files in other media for example zip disk or CD-ROM. If hard disk crashes, it is possible to repair the disk and after that restore the information from the backup media onto the new disk. However this is not the easiest way.

Nowadays it is possible to save huge amount of files into removable disks – USB flash drives, SD cards etc. All the files needed can be stored into these removable devices and incase of any computer crash all the files will be safe. Just make sure, anyone else can’t get these devices, especially if the files are important. Another good way is to storage files into online clouds.